Jesus is in our heart.

We are committed to following him together, seeking the life of his kingdom in our daily lives with each other and those around us. Formed and loved by the Father, broken through our own sin and that of others, saved and being healed through the grace and love given in the cross and resurrection of Jesus, we are held together in the strength and compassion of the Spirit and we intend to live for Christ here.

As a baptistic Christian church gathering, we hold to historic patterns of faith, practising lives that hold to the equality of all before God, the testimony of the gospels to Jesus, and the call to follow him in humility with justice, grace and love witnessed to across the Bible. That call is to each one personally, to respond sacrificially through lives lived with others and for others, and to marking that response through baptism, setting down what was, and taking up the life of new creation given through Christ’s death and resurrection.

We seek the life of Jesus alongside one another and in the midst of where we are living our daily lives.