Sharing | Giving | Receiving


Worship teamWe have a number of people, of all ages, who are involved in shaping the worship on a Sunday. Practices are fortnightly on Wednesday evenings. This is an intentionally open group, seeking to grow and develop the next stage worship singers and musicians, with services through the year where we enable younger ones, and those learning, to share in leading the worship on Sundays, growing and building confidence in serving God’s people in the midst of worship.

This group also includes those who provide audio-visual support on Sunday mornings.

If you would like to explore your gifts, and come along to the practices, or speak to us about helping with audio-visual work, please get in touch with derrick@cathcartbaptist.online.


Missions teamThis group is in a new phase of development. Across 2018 we are moving towards 5-year cycles in our supporting and enabling of the kingdom growing work of others beyond Cathcart, as we share in what God is doing across the world. We currently support long term the work of BMS, of Glasgow City Mission, and of Charles & Sandra Dick of AWM. These will continue within the next phase but we will also seek to explore how we can most effectively participate in the work of God beyond our local setting, committing to projects which will carry support within the 5 year period, before reviewing towards the end of the cycle.

Within the budgets set by the church gathering together, the team will be committed to:

  • the exploration stage, of identifying who and where to provide support
  • keeping in touch with the supported groups, providing support & sharing with the church
  • assessing the projects as they come to the end of the supported period

You can come into this team for any or all of these stages. If you are aware of specific projects which you think we could support as a church, please get in touch. Our current stage within this cycle is ‘exploration’ across 2018/19. Please get in touch with derrick@cathcartbaptist.online.

Ministry of Small Things

Ministry of Small ThingsThis is an evolving approach to being attentive to each other, caring across the family of the church, through practical acts and care for each other in ways that may seem small but are really the most important things, about being seen, and noticed, and heard and cared for.

We are still working out how best to do this, but if you want to share in this ministry, which is underway in many unannounced, unplanned and unseen ways every week, then please speak to Derrick.

'Tak tent o' sma' things'


PrayerWe have a prayer team available through Sunday mornings, who also provide prayer support for any at any point – contact Derrick.

We also structure our prayer life together through regular prayer 1/1 events each month and points in the year where we enable prayer24 sessions; we structure prayer walking & events across our local area.

We look at prayer as ways of changing ourselves, our church and our communities, bringing our own fragility and brokenness to a God of new creation, hope and joy.

Get in touch for more details and the next prayer event through derrick@cathcartbaptist.online.


WelcomingWe have a team of people who are involved in providing a welcome to you on Sunday mornings, some helping around the entrance hall and others providing teas, coffees and refreshments. If you would like to share in this welcoming role and come into the rotas for it, please speak to any of the welcoming team or send a note through to hello@cathcartbaptist.online.