Welcome & Calendar of Events

Growing in faith

As a church we love to see you growing in faith and commitment to following Jesus. We believe a part of that is worked out in how we grow in our lives together in Christ.

We are also aware that there may well be different ways in which you want to connect into the ministry of the church here. You can download a welcome pack here that shows you how to link into our church database, which is called churchsuite.

Here you can decide what contact details we hold for you, you can amend or delete any of these. You can also decide how we will communicate with you. Once you are logged into churchsuite you will be able to see details of what is going on in the church each week and be notified of any rotas that you are on and events that you are wanting to be involved in. If you want to keep to paper forms, then all the details are in the information sheet. If you want to go digital, you can also fill out the online form, without the need for paper copies. Or you can download our contact form as a Word document or a PDF.

If you need any help with any of the above, let us know by email to hello@cathcartbaptist.online or speak to the welcome team at church.

Here are some of the events we have underway at the moment to help you plant, grow & flourish!