As a baptistic community of faith, the church gathered together seeks the leading of God for the work and life of the church.

Within that broad approach much of the work of development and implementing is undertaken by the Diaconate of the church, which includes the ministry team and deacons.

After a nomination process undertaken across the congregation, Deacons are voted in by members at our Church Annual Meeting in November, to serve across the next year.

Deacons can be re-elected for multiple years. We seek to have a broad based leadership structure which hears from across the congregation as we serve the church in leading.

There is an induction process for new deacons and we currently meet every two weeks on zoom, while much of the ongoing work is undertaken through email correspondence in secure systems.

The Diaconate is the Trustee body of the church for Charity purposes. Details of Trustee responsibility is available within the OSCR document Guidance for Charity Trustees. Our Annual Trustee Reports & Accounts are available through the OSCR link at the bottom of the page.