Project 2023

In 2023 we mark 100 years of witness in Cathcart. These are some of the creative responses we are making to reflect, find joy in, and gift forward the work of God amongst us in this celebration!


project 2023: narratives (1) - timeline boards

project 2023: narratives (2) - writing/books

We are in the process of producing a 2023 book, marking our 100 years as a baptist church in Cathcart. This is integrated with a visual timeline and audio recordings of stories remembered, which will be released during our Garden Party on Saturday, 10th June 2023. For now, here are our earlier books produced in each of the previous 25 years periods of the church's life here.

project 2023: narratives (3) - video/audio oral histories

Click on the photos of people below to hear some of their stories

Margaret Beattie, remembering across 1958 - 1990s


Growing up in the 1980s/90s within the church

(photo of baptism in 1988, described within the stories)

video - describing CBC


Ian Grant, remembering from 1976 - 2000 (Treasurer, within the period mid 1980s - late 1990s)

project 2023: new song

Out of our works with Psalm 98 across our 98th year as church here in Cathcart, as part of the book4project, we began to give shape to a new song. As a collective act, on Sunday 21st November we gathered and laid down our fingerprints across a linen stave, marking out notes, with additional notes given through zoom photos and paper prints sent in and a thumbprint note from the church in Castlemilk, where our stories have interwoven in past years. The patterns and rhythms of these coloured notes across the linen stave are being developed within our worship team towards a new song across 2022, preparing for a turning to Psalm 100 in our 100th year in 2023.

The making of this beginning is here in video podcast

project 2023 - weaving

23rd April 2023 marked the release of the Cathcart Baptist Church centenary tartan. I took inspiration for this pattern from the colours of the church garden, centering the red and white of our beloved cherry blossom trees. For me, the red and white are symbols of Christ and the cross representing his purity and the blood that ran red. Our church began 100 years ago on a steading (represented by the green box). By bringing Christ and the church into this 'steading', the past 100 years have injected colours, showing the joy of the church in the community. The sett (pattern) is exactly 100 threads per repeat to represent the 100 years of our church family. These photos show the inspiration photos from the garden and the whole process of weaving from warp frame to finished piece.

Abigail Watson
There will be various items available soon for purchase with a % going to church funds.

project 2023: walk|see|gift


Project 2023: WALK|SEE|GIFT

psalm | 100 | year


Psalm 98 Sing to the Lord a new song… (& towards psalm 100)

A chance to share in the singing of a new song of thankfulness, to hear the earth shout for joy, the seas resound, the rivers clap their hands and the mountains sing. A project of ‘walking with’, attentive to what is around us and to others around us, alert to the voices of where we are, to walk as an act of noticing the small, attending to what surrounds us and who we are in this moment. Still enough to hear the new song and to gift it on to the next generation, whatever age they are.

The walking can take place anytime and anywhere, in the city, in the mountains, by the sea. You can take up the project individually or in group walks, extended climbs or short walks along the beach, once or many times across the next two years. It is for all ages.


record the walk, note it on a map, digitally record it, draw a personal map


notice what is around, in the moment – write notes, record stories, emotions, thoughts – gather in writing, photos, painting, drawing, making – however much or little you are able to do


pass the gift of these moments of new song onto the next generation, whatever age they are, the gift of noticing here God’s creating love in the place where you are, amongst the people around you – we will gather up these gifted moments over the coming two years to 2023 and make of them a gift for those who will take up the song

launched autumn 2021

You can print out these postcard images to guide you:

project 2023: preparing the ground

project 2023 - Garden Party, 10th June 2023

book4 project: 2013-2023

Our book4 project is running from 2013 through to 2023, marking our journey from years 90-100 as a gathered church here in Cathcart. We take psalms 90-100 from Book 4 of the psalms and map our years to the words across these ten years, to finish in year 100 and psalm 100 in 2023. This video gathers the words through to 2022. Given on the first Sunday of the year they provided a focus across the year to the November celebrations.